The 3 Trends Pushing CRE Toward Smart Building Enlightenment

Article originally posted on on January 15, 2019

The commercial real estate industry is disillusioned with smart buildings, and for good reason. Marketers of smart building tech have been forecasting a futuristic workplace that feels straight out of "The Jetsons". But so far, it hasn’t materialized.

Instead, CRE building owners have 1.5 billion internet-connected sensors and not enough to do with them. 

But this is all a misunderstanding — CRE professionals are unclear on what the “Internet of Things” is actually built to accomplish. IoT is a technology that is available now to help building owners reduce their costs and hold on to tenants by making them more comfortable. IoT isn’t a promise of space-age workspaces; it’s a clever investment that owners can make for the future.

Here are three trends that will transform IoT from a hyped-up technology to a shrewd investment in 2019:

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